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My HCIE Interview Exam Sharing

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Speaking of Huawei HCIE interviews, manypeople find it difficult. In fact, if you understand his basic principles andhave working experience, you will find it not difficult. I want to share withyou about the HCIE learning process and test preparation experience;

I am an HCIE student from BAELAB. Idownloaded some materials from I learned about BAERLAB byaccident and felt that the word-of-mouth is good. I applied for HCIE training.I have a network foundation and I am an operator. The official employees of thecompany are working on data network maintenance. To put it bluntly, they arecontacting Huawei’s low-end to high-end routers, including S9300, NE seriesrouters, and ZTE’s high-end core 10-Gigabit routers, so they have a certainfoundation and richness. My experience in networking, my party B is allofficial Huawei and ZTE engineers, it is easier to understand the knowledgepoints;

The first step in learning HCIE, you must first understand the knowledgepoints and theories of each protocol. This is at least the first step.Experimenting with LAB, you don't know what the instruction is. How do you gofor an interview?

I have a good foundation and work experience. The commands I typed have changed alot. I understand most of them, but because of my work, I can’t live the classlive, so I can only watch the video offline. First, I put the NP of BAERDUMP, Iwatched the IE video theory 3 times. I got off work after 7 o’clock on weekdaysand saw 3 o’clock in the evening. I sent the key points of the teacher’s talkand the knowledge points that I didn’t know at the time to my notebook. Afterreading the theory, I used 1 box. Refill, 2 notebooks, while looking at the newtheory, I will silently write down the key knowledge of yesterday, so I used 2scratch papers, the theory was passed twice, and I felt that the theory waswrong, so I would draw the topology by myself. Experiment, capture and analyze,draw conclusions and write them in the notebook;

BAERLAB is still good. The teacher willgive you a screenshot for the experiment, which means you should get the sameresult as the teacher, except for the address difference.
For LAB, there is no good way. There isonly more typing. There are also ways to knock. It is not that you don’tunderstand the rote command, but you understand what this question is for you.For the first time, you can watch BAERLAB’s video explanation. It’s verymeticulous, and there are screenshots of the corresponding test results in onestep. You can follow along. The first time you don’t have to do it too long.The first time you finish typing, you have to understand the knowledge used inthe whole topology and realize those functions. After the whole topology isunderstood, you can ask the teacher if you don’t know, and the teacher willexplain it. After reading the theory, do the experiment. There are also notesbehind the key instructions of the teacher’s experiment. Basically, watch thevideo 2-3 times. You know the whole topology of the experiment without lookingat the topic. What commands and functions need to be knocked can basically beon the battlefield;

For the interview, this is the most difficult.First, you have to focus on the basic video. When I was preparing for theinterview, I made a text document in front of me. I typed the results of theexperiment in the text document. Why did you do that? First, there is a textfile on the desktop that can be typed during the real interview, and thedrawing software can draw pictures; I am preparing for the interview, firstlook at the interview book, this stuff is very thick, especially when youfinish the LAB test, you only have 90 days to prepare for the test. Time, sometest positions are not necessarily, so you don’t have enough time to read allthe knowledge points. My approach is to record the key content of the teacher’steaching video in the notebook and write it silently in a text file.
Next, the interview process that everyoneis looking forward to most:

The interview begins:
Teacher: Candidates look at the testinstructions on the desktop. The teacher can see your desktop operations. Istarted looking for the button for a long time. He said that there is an Iagree XX instruction in the lower left corner, which will guide you step bystep to enter the exam user name and password. After finishing, there will bethree interview questions on the desktop:

1. Differences among the three versions ofSTP, RSTP, and MSTP
2. RR attributes of BGP
3. The difference between ring networkingand dual planetary networking

For more experience sharing, please contactme


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